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We've been experiencing long delays on repairs since the end of 2020. Regrettably, it looks like this will continue for the foreseeable future. You can expect multiple week delays for repair lead times.


Also, our previously short response times for returning calls and emails has grown tremendously. It's best, at this point, to EMAIL US with requests for information or technical issues. Should you like to hear from us about technical issues, please include a phone number and specify your locale so we may call you, if necessary.  Please accept our apologies for this on-going long lead-time situation and THANK YOU to all who've been kind enough to stick with us during these trying times.


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 Instrument Processor

 Vintage-y Compressor

 Really Nice Compressor

 Really Nice Levelling Amplifier

 Really Nice Preamp

 Really Nice Comp, 500 series

 Really Nice Level Amp, 500








Please note that these prices do not include the price of shipping! Also, prices for FMR Audio products purchased outside of the U.S. will generally be higher than U.S. prices. FMR doesn't know what "reasonable" prices should be outside of the U.S. because the circumstances in each country are different. We do know that duties, taxes, shipping costs, and higher costs of doing business in many other countries will translate to higher prices for our products sold outside the U.S. Still, if you want local support to exist/continue, we recommend that you support your local retailers.


FMR Audio will be happy to sell directly to you! To order, call us at (01) 512 352 3290. We accept Visa and Mastercard (if you pay by credit card, your card will not be billed until your units are ready to ship).


Shipping is done via a "best way" method. This is typically United Parcel Service (UPS).


We're more than happy to sell units to our non-U.S. clients! For orders outside the U.S., be aware that there may be pricing differences and, typically, your local governments may levy certain duties/taxes above and beyond the price of our products.


All purchases must be in U.S. dollars. We don't accept non-US checks, but we do accept wire transfers from outside the US. We also accept Visa and Mastercard (if you pay by credit card, your card will not be billed until your units are ready to ship).


We're sorry that we can't send your orders C.O.D. for international orders. Currently, none of the international carriers support C.O.D. shipments.



All of our main products, not including accessories, are warrantied against product defects for 1 year from the original purchase date for the original owner (proof of purchase required). Accessories are warrantied against product defects for 90 days from the original purchase date for the original owner (proof of purchase required). These warranties are not transferable. All shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Service is available for products either inside or outside warrantied conditions. In all cases, shipping costs to our repair facility are paid by the customer. For products within warranty coverage: parts, labor and return shipping are covered by us. For products outside of warranty coverage:

• Shipping costs, to and from our repair facility, are paid by our customer.

• We charge a bench fee of $80US, regardless of diagnosis. Additional repair/replacement fees may apply.

Please contact us by phone to make repair arrangements. DO NOT SEND UNITS WITHOUT OUR AUTHORIZATION! Authorization will be provided by email instructions.

We STRONGLY endorse UPS and FEDEX for shipping units to/from us. UPS and FEDEX have excellent package tracking abilities and claim processing in case of lost packages. In our experience, USPS it terrible if you want to know where your package is and utterly uncooperative should they lose your package. Do not expect us to notify you of the arrival of your repair unit to our facility! If you want to know if we've received your repair unit, check with your shipping company tracking services!

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